FAQ. Why did you start distance.runlens.com?

To track running routes on an easy to use webpage.

But why go through the effort of making this page when there are so many other distance maps out there?

Good question. I got tired of some of the other websites, which are obviously not written by runners and are just trying to get traffic. Another primary motivation is sometimes I don't feel like using GTC or software maps. I just want to go somewhere quick and track a route in my neighbourhood without logging in to some site that wants my data or plasters you with ads. If we do add ads, we will try to keep them discrete and unobstrusive.

Another motivation is that one of the other distance tracking sites, which will remain unamed, wasn't working for literally months at a time.

Others don't work well. Some snap to roads by default. I run on roads, but I almost always take side streets or trails. Although a small detail, it's very annoying having to unclick that default if you forget.

Not being able to count on other sites, I decided to write my own from scratch. If the mapping software changes, it will be updated it. It shouldn't take months to do.

We won't promise a bunch of pointless upcoming features, but if you have a good one in mind, feel free to send us an email at the address below. If you really want snap to roads, we can add that, but it will NEVER be the default setting.

The author of this page is a runner first. We won't clutter the map real estate by adding descriptive text or feature lists to increase our page rank. We will never let SEO compromise functionality. If the search engines don't find us, that's not great, but useability comes first.

We have a couple sister sites. runlens.com for shoe and marathon reviews, and sun.runlens.com for sunrise, sunset times.

How do you use this webpage?

Just click on the map to start a route

I don't want to start at Lake Merced. Why doesn't it remember my last search?

We want to avoid cookies. You can use lat, lon as a get request to the page. For example, for seattle at 47.6097N, 122.3331W, go to http://distance.runlens.com/?lat=47.6097&lon=-122.3331. West is negative. Don't forgot about bookmarks. Don't know the lat, lon for the city? Use sun.runlens.com or do a search for the city and lat,lon.

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